Corporate / Non-profit Events

Planning the company holiday party, anniversary gala, or annual meeting can add more work to your already-packed days. The last thing any company wants is for an employee to direct precious time and energy into planning a company event that is out of his or her expertise. At corporate functions, company executives or managers should be solely focused on mingling with VIP customers or prospective clients; they should never have to worry if the food will be served on time. Instead of asking a department head or administrator to take on an event, let VME Events handle it so that all employees can stay focused on their job responsibilities and still have a great company event.


There are so many different organizations out there trying to improve the world and culture that we live in every day. Since VME Events was founded, the company has maintained a solid corporate responsibility to give back to the community through serving nonprofit clients and their various projects dedicated to these wonderful causes. From organizing galas, to setting up 5K races, to even just consulting committees, VME Events wants to assist in any way they can, when possible.