A 3 inch tall party hat . . . a must for a golden birthday

 “Surprise! We’re going to brunch at Woodberry Kitchen!”

Ok so it wasn’t a surprise any longer but I was still happy since I have yet to check out one of the best Baltimore brunch spots. Yes, it is as good as everyone says! To get my birthday festivities started, my sister had gotten me a 3 inch tall party hat with ’27′ on it… I think she got a kick out of it more than myself.


After brunch, I was instructed to get into a car for ‘part 2′ of the day. We arrived at my parent’s home to for an intimate birthday party complete with mimosas & cake. Don’t be fooled by the number of forks & spoons– there were only 7 of us.

My family had given me a basket of 27 ‘golden’ items which was pretty creative. I’m not sure if the basket was the best or the stories of them putting it together. Apparently, my father assembled the basket because my mom wasn’t doing it right. “You need to sprinkle the candy on the top, not just put it in the bottom” Thank you Paul for learning from me & my ways.


What was in the basket? Everything. Gold Stapler, Gold Giant Paper Clips (I love office supplies), Gold Hard Cider, Gold Tequila Mix, Goldfish- the crackers, Gold Polka Dot Notebook, Box of Ferrero Rocher Chocolates, Gold Champagne, Gold Sequins Coasters, Gold Bond Lotion, Gold Candle, Gold Bracelet, Gold Gummies, Gold Chocolate Coins…. The list goes on…

Tuesday, January 27th… my actual birthday was spent relaxing. It was a snow day for me so why not kick back? I did some cleaning and work but I mostly read my new book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? My roommate, the notorious bookworm got me that book and a collection of photos by Bodine, a famous Baltimore Photographer.

Since I was unaware of the surprise brunch & party, I went ahead and made plans with a few of the girls to celebrate at a local wine bar, 13.5%. This place was also on my list of places to try this year so I can mark those both off! Dinner was myself, my sister, my roommate, my friend Jaime and three of the Kochesfahani ladies (Ridiculous should be their middle name). I have forgotten how great it is to catch up with friends when work is set aside.

It was the perfect golden birthday for me.


*Golden Birthday means you turn the same age as the date, ie. 27 on the 27th.

Jamie & Treven’s Black, White, & Gold Glitter Wedding

I cannot believe it has been over 6 weeks since my sister’s wedding! The past year was a whirlwind to say the least! It was definitely an adventure and I cannot tell you how many times I have been ‘glitter bombed’ either!

Many have asked how it was going and how it was compared to my other clients. It’s difficult to describe but it was the easiest & most challenging wedding I’ll probably ever have because I was emotionally invested. I joke that the biggest difference is that I actually have to see these people after the wedding. But in all seriousness, I’m happy that I was able to make the entire planning process stress-free for my mother and sister and in the end, knowing that I was able to give her and Treven their perfect wedding.

With a fabulous team of vendors & staff, I was able to enjoy the day as the Maid of Honor & Sister of the Bride (That’s not to say I had a few moments here & there- let’s be serious). All in all it was a great day that went by entirely too fast!


Ceremony & Reception Venue  |  Royal Sonesta Harbor Court Baltimore
Photographer  |  Artemas Photography
Hair Stylist  |  Stephanie Fearson & Brenda Paulshock
Make-Up Artist  |  Amanda Jung-Vasold
Photo Booth  |  Booth Love 
Cake  |  Baltimore Cakery
Floral  |  My Flower Box
Rentals  |  Rentals to Remember
Lounge Furniture  |  AFR Furniture Rental
Lighting & Drapery  |  EventPro Live
Stationary  |  Allison Barnhill Designs

Dear Baltimore, you are truly underrated.

Easily 6 months ago, my roommate & I had plans for brunch but had to cancel them last minute. Well last week we finally had a brunch date and turned the entire day into Roommate day. Neither of us could remember when we spent an entire day together- maybe the last snow day?

The day started off with mimosas & brunch at a Baltimore favorite- Miss. Shirley’s. This place has one of those menus where you literally cannot go wrong with any selection. After brunch, the two of us headed to The Baltimore Museum of Art. Did you know admission is FREE? Julia proposed this the day prior & I couldn’t have been more excited! [Secret: not many people know I love art & almost went to school for it]


It’s almost sad that I have forgotten this hidden gem that is literally in my backyard. We started in the Cone Wing that is filled with classics like Picasso, Matisse, Monet. We learned about the Cone sisters of Baltimore that the wing was named after. The amount of ‘classics’ and pieces that these two sisters had was just unbelievable, I mean hundreds & hundreds of pieces.


And then we ventured into to the Contemporary Wing. The two of us came to the same conclusion- we do not understand and are not the biggest fans of contemporary art. We couldn’t wrap our heads around rotted fruit rinds with threading like a baseball. Our visit ended in the gardens of the museum with the streets of Baltimore just beyond their gates, the contrast is simply amazing.


We had plans in the afternoon to head to our local vineyard, Boordy’s for their ‘Good Life Thursday’. This is a recurring farmer’s market with live music, food, wine, etc. Together we bought a bottle of wine, some snacks & sat down to relax & enjoy the unusually cool August evening.

No one can ever complain about being bored in the Baltimore area because the variety & amount of different things to do is almost endless. That day made me realize I need to make a larger effort to enjoy what my city has to offer.

Always make an effort to connect!

Time has gotten away from me since the fall and I didn’t even realize I hadn’t made it to any networking events since October! I have no idea how I got to the point where I had people actually asking where I’ve been. Luckily, last week I was able to make it a priority to attend two events where I was able to catch up with some of the best event professionals in the DC-Baltimore Metro area!

Yes, you can actually rent a giant lite bright!

Tuesday was Metro Event Specialist‘s first mixer of 2014 and it was wonderful to reconnect with some of my favorite DC vendors. This organization puts on events for 300 of DC’s best event professionals throughout the city to showcase different vendors in unique venues. Last year, I was asked to be the lead planner for their February Mixer and it is one of my favorite events I’ve ever done to date. [Click here for photos]


Then on Thursday, My Flower Box Events hosted a launch party to celebrate their new studio. Everything was gorgeous (not like I expected anything less from them) and the rooms were filled with vendors chatting each other up. The last time I was at their studio was in December and the transformation is unbelievable! They created an amazing consulting area that is very charming and inviting. I’m looking forward to the next time I take a client to see them!


Host the Best NYE’s Dinner Party!

Never would I have thought I’d have written an article for a magazine! Just a little over a month ago, I was approached by B Woman Magazine‘s editor to write an advice article. Since it was for the December issue, it was perfect to prepare something related to the biggest night to party– New Year’s Eve!

I couldn’t write an article without having the right inspiration, so I had to have a mini photo shoot to match! Thanks to my wonderful assistant, Natalie took my vision for the shoot and ran with it! Together we came up with a fun mix of items from VME’s stash, each others homes, and Target to create the perfect NYE dinner party!

Instead of telling you more about the article… CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE!

A special thanks to my friend Artemas of Artemas Photograpghy for stopping by last minute to take these great shots!

What day is it?

Last week seemed like I was able to compact a month’s full of appointments and meetings in just 5 days.

Tuesday, I met with a venue that would like to expand and review possible marketing options. This may be a great opportunity for 2014 which is fantastic because I love DC! Let me just say they have one amazing view of the city that can easily sell the place on its own.

View from 300 New Jersey Ave- Rooftop Venue!

Wednesday, I had back to back meetings all day, which I sometimes try to do for practicality purposes, but it tends to get exhausting. Two of my meetings were with new vendors- a production company and a photographer. I love networking like this because I can make connections within the industry and establish new relationships beyond the business card exchange. Not to mention it is great to expand my portfolio of vendor options for my clients.  After those meetings, Wedding 411 invited me to have lunch, along with a few other planners, at The Center Club in downtown Baltimore. For someone that has lived in Baltimore her entire life, the views are still breath taking at The Center Club.

After running all over Baltimore, I was able to sit down and enjoy a nice dinner at The Red Star in Fells Point with my good friend, Jaime. It isn’t often we get to catch up, so once a month we try to grab dinner or coffee to share what is going on in our lives. Most of the time I have to ask, “What day is it again?”

Baltimore, MD - View from Center Club
Baltimore, MD – View from Center Club

As the week is winding down, Thursday I had a menu tasting by the caterer Bowl of Cherries for a June wedding. Can I just say I’m completely okay with the perks of my job including menu tastings? Delicious! Afterwards, I met up with some amazing vendors to catch up at Crush Kitchen & Winehouse in Annapolis. There just happened to be a wine tasting there that evening! Shucks…

Friday and Saturday were a blur between running errands, a linen appointment with a couple, and quality time in front of my lap top. If I can find the time to have dinner or watch the Ravens game with my family, I try to squeeze it in!

Even after such a crazy week of meetings and then the follow up work that accompanies each of them, I can still say they were all positive and productive! Not a bad way to roll out into the weekend…