A 3 inch tall party hat . . . a must for a golden birthday

 “Surprise! We’re going to brunch at Woodberry Kitchen!”

Ok so it wasn’t a surprise any longer but I was still happy since I have yet to check out one of the best Baltimore brunch spots. Yes, it is as good as everyone says! To get my birthday festivities started, my sister had gotten me a 3 inch tall party hat with ’27′ on it… I think she got a kick out of it more than myself.


After brunch, I was instructed to get into a car for ‘part 2′ of the day. We arrived at my parent’s home to for an intimate birthday party complete with mimosas & cake. Don’t be fooled by the number of forks & spoons– there were only 7 of us.

My family had given me a basket of 27 ‘golden’ items which was pretty creative. I’m not sure if the basket was the best or the stories of them putting it together. Apparently, my father assembled the basket because my mom wasn’t doing it right. “You need to sprinkle the candy on the top, not just put it in the bottom” Thank you Paul for learning from me & my ways.


What was in the basket? Everything. Gold Stapler, Gold Giant Paper Clips (I love office supplies), Gold Hard Cider, Gold Tequila Mix, Goldfish- the crackers, Gold Polka Dot Notebook, Box of Ferrero Rocher Chocolates, Gold Champagne, Gold Sequins Coasters, Gold Bond Lotion, Gold Candle, Gold Bracelet, Gold Gummies, Gold Chocolate Coins…. The list goes on…

Tuesday, January 27th… my actual birthday was spent relaxing. It was a snow day for me so why not kick back? I did some cleaning and work but I mostly read my new book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? My roommate, the notorious bookworm got me that book and a collection of photos by Bodine, a famous Baltimore Photographer.

Since I was unaware of the surprise brunch & party, I went ahead and made plans with a few of the girls to celebrate at a local wine bar, 13.5%. This place was also on my list of places to try this year so I can mark those both off! Dinner was myself, my sister, my roommate, my friend Jaime and three of the Kochesfahani ladies (Ridiculous should be their middle name). I have forgotten how great it is to catch up with friends when work is set aside.

It was the perfect golden birthday for me.


*Golden Birthday means you turn the same age as the date, ie. 27 on the 27th.

Jamie & Treven’s Black, White, & Gold Glitter Wedding

I cannot believe it has been over 6 weeks since my sister’s wedding! The past year was a whirlwind to say the least! It was definitely an adventure and I cannot tell you how many times I have been ‘glitter bombed’ either!

Many have asked how it was going and how it was compared to my other clients. It’s difficult to describe but it was the easiest & most challenging wedding I’ll probably ever have because I was emotionally invested. I joke that the biggest difference is that I actually have to see these people after the wedding. But in all seriousness, I’m happy that I was able to make the entire planning process stress-free for my mother and sister and in the end, knowing that I was able to give her and Treven their perfect wedding.

With a fabulous team of vendors & staff, I was able to enjoy the day as the Maid of Honor & Sister of the Bride (That’s not to say I had a few moments here & there- let’s be serious). All in all it was a great day that went by entirely too fast!


Ceremony & Reception Venue  |  Royal Sonesta Harbor Court Baltimore
Photographer  |  Artemas Photography
Hair Stylist  |  Stephanie Fearson & Brenda Paulshock
Make-Up Artist  |  Amanda Jung-Vasold
Photo Booth  |  Booth Love 
Cake  |  Baltimore Cakery
Floral  |  My Flower Box
Rentals  |  Rentals to Remember
Lounge Furniture  |  AFR Furniture Rental
Lighting & Drapery  |  EventPro Live
Stationary  |  Allison Barnhill Designs

Where did the Fall season go?

I knew I had a chaotic fall but thinking it and living through it was just not the same…

Here’s a quick glimpse of what I’ve been up to!

Sponsored A Night to Remember …proceeds to Kennedy Kreiger Institute

Hosted my sister’s Bachelorette Party in downtown Baltimore

Shopping in NYC…. 3 weeks before my sister’s wedding and I still did not have a dress…whoops

Baby Shower in Long Island, NY


Whimsical Woodsland Wedding and the first time at a wedding I had to build a bon fire

[Click here to Elizabeth Fogarty Photography for the photos]

My Sister’s Wedding…formal post to follow with the professional photos!


Welcome Home Mr. & Mrs. Meyers!

Mascarade Networking Event

Halloween Rehearsal Dinner

Chic Wedding in Raleigh, NC

Surprise Birthday Party/Viewing Party

As the winter sets in, events are slowing down a bit but the admin work, and networking are picking back up.

While I try to regroup and begin planning 2015, I can’t wait to make the time to enjoy the holidays!

Molly & Drew… A waterfront wedding

Over a year ago, I met with a college friend & his fiance to help them begin their wedding planning. Drew & I worked together in Student Government- he was the President & I, the event chair of a large fundraiser on campus. It was great to work together again after all these years, especially for such an important moment.

After our first meeting, it was quite obvious what these two wanted- classy but laid back & on the water. There aren’t too many venues directly on the water, so it was clear that Molly’s childhood home was the most ideal location for their big day.

The wedding day arrived, even with clouds in the sky, the weather held out and Drew & Molly were able to enjoy their dream wedding on the water.



Photographer  |  Kyle Bergner Photography 

Hair & Make-Up  |  Kristen Foster Hair Artistry

Caterer  |  Bowl of Cherries Catering

Rentals  |  Rentals to Remember

Tent  |  Rental Works

Decor  |  2 Hands Studio

Personal Flowers  |  Studio H Floral and Event Design

DJ  |  DJ Stylus from DJ D-Mac & Associates

Transportation  |  Atlantic Coast Charters

Restroom Trailer  |  Blue Ribbon Restroom Trailers

Sand crabs & Old Bay…. Family Beach Week!

For as long as I can remember, my family has vacationed at the beach every summer. Over the years, as my sister & I have gotten older, some things have changed but it’s great to see what traditions have stuck through the years.

Watching my cousin & his son dig for sand crabs exactly like we all had done years ago with our fathers…

Grabbing a slice at Lombardi’s or relaxing on the bay for a quiet evening…


One evening the ‘adults’ always have a night out on the town. It’s like the beach version of Thanksgiving dinner when you graduate from the ‘kids’ table to the adult table (I’m still waiting on that one).

The best part of the beach is hands down the time spent with family whether it’s on the beach, at the bar, or sitting in a living room for game night. Now it’s back to the grind & preparing for a crazy fall season!

Classy Glitter- Not your traditional bridal shower

As an event planner, often I am asked what is tradition or proper when it comes to everything ‘wedding’. I offer the same advice to all- it all depends on the couple, situation, and family. I encourage all my brides to make their big day all about them as a couple and not what ‘tradition’ dictates.

As maid of honor for my sister, I made sure she had the bridal shower she wanted. She only had a few requests which were quite easy to fulfill.

-No opening of the gifts in front of everyone

- No cheesy games

- ‘Don’t you dare wrap me in toilet paper’

So you may be thinking, so what in the world were all the guests to do? Easy! Talk to each other! We described it as a cocktail party style bridal shower. This allowed Jamie & my mother to talk and enjoy the company of all the guests without being interrupted by scheduled games & activities. As our family and friends arrived, they were able to grab a Bridal Mad Lib which was custom to Jamie & Treven and everyone could do at their leisure.  The only planned activities was a quick round of trivia, ‘How well do you know Jamie & Treven?’

I know that many people are used to the traditional bridal shower, but I couldn’t be more pleased with our laid back approach. It was perfect for my sister, and fit her personality. Why not break tradition in order to tailor to the guest of honor?

Nerf Guns and the USAF Thunderbirds

Last Thursday, I was able to sneak out and head to the beach for Father’s Day weekend since I had a change in plans. Don’t be fooled, I still worked all day Friday but a difference in scenery doesn’t hurt a bit. After a few calls with clients and many documents later, I was able to pack up my work and put it aside for a bit. While my parents entertained neighbors Friday evening, three of us headed out to dinner and of course, Dumsers for a sweet treat. Ice cream is a food group when we’re at the beach and Jamie & Treven are really bad influences.

The five of us headed to brunch on Saturday on our way to the Ocean City Air Show to watch the USAF Thunderbirds. Joining our family, we hung out enjoying some icy cold beverages while taking in the jets, jumpers, and other festivities. Unfortunately, the kids are so little that they had to watch part of it from inside due the loud noise from the jets.

As Father’s Day rolled around, we headed to our father’s favorite donut shop bright & early before we prepared breakfast (and by we, I mean Treven made the pancakes). What is a better way to start out Father’s Day without a little Nerf gun battle? We’re kids at heart but my father is easily the biggest kid of all of us so I thought breaking out the Nerf guns was appropriate.

I’m glad I was able to take some time in with the family but it’s back to the grind & getting ready for the last wedding for a bit.

Double Duty: Update on Planning My Sister’s Wedding

A few months ago I posted Double Duty, explaining the pros and cons to planning my sister’s wedding. Now we’re less than 6 months out and thought I’d catch everyone up on where we are at…. It’s done!

I’m just kidding, it’s not ‘done’ but for the most part it is taken care and I’m not nervous at all, but rather excited! The only thing that scares me is my calendar and all the other events I have going on during the fall surrounding Jamie’s big day.

Jamie's Bridal Shower Invitation
Jamie’s Bridal Shower Invitation


It’s entertaining to hear both my mother and sister tell me how everyone asks, “How’s the wedding planning? Isn’t it stressful?”  The two of them have the same answer, “Nope. Things are moving along.” Of course it isn’t because I’ve made sure to eliminate as many stressful factors I can- I will never  be able to take away ALL stress from any bride including my sister. I have made sure that the biggest decisions the bride & groom had to make was what music do they want, what kind of cake, and all the other fun little details that are custom to Jamie & Treven, the couple.

Artemas, Jamie, & Treven
Artemas, Jamie, & Treven

Back in February, Jamie & Treven had their engagement photos taken by Artemas Photography, at Clipper Mill in Baltimore. Jamie selected the location and I especially love the contrast of background textures & their dressy outfits. Jamie asked me to tag along so I pretty much was Artemas’s assistant and Jamie’s personal hair stylist. Besides Artemas being laid back and his artistic photography skills, it’s so obvious to see Jamie & Treven’s personalities shine through these photos- both as individuals & a couple.

Sneak Peak of Jamie & Treven's Engagement Photos
Sneak Peak of Jamie & Treven’s Engagement Photos by Artemas Photography

Also- can you tell Jamie likes gold glitter?

Cannot wait until the day comes when I can share the wedding photos! Oh right, and enjoy the wedding too. :-)